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1. What is a qualified player and how do I become one?

A qualified or rated player is someone who has established a level of play at a casino that allows them to be pre-qualified for free trips, free rooms, food & other complimentary. A player’s rating is based on their past play and is a numeric value assigned by the casino (often referred to as “rating points” or “points.”) Casinos evaluate a person’s rating by looking at the size of their average bet and the length of time they spend playing each day. Average bet & time played each day relate directly to each other. For example, the higher a person’s average bet, the quicker they can earn enough points to qualify. The smaller the bets, the more time it takes to get rated.

2. Is a person either a qualified player or not . Or are there different levels of qualification?

Again, a player’s level of qualification depends on how they play & varies according to time played and average bets. No two people play exactly the same and no two people will have exactly the same rating. A basic rating could entitle a player to just a comp room or food. A higher rating could earn comp junket travel. An even higher rating could mean complimentary gourmet dining, shows, special events, limousine service & much more. As you rating increases, so do the wonderful comps & special privileges that become available to you!

3. I have traveled with another junket company in the past. Would that qualify me to travel with ACJ.

If you are a qualified player with another casino or junket company, give us a call. If we can verify your level of play, we’ll be very happy to have you join us for free!

4. Why should I call AsiaCasinoJunket when I need assistance with a reservation or special event, instead of calling the casino directly?

CALL ASIA CASINO JUNKET FOR ALL YOUR CASINO NEEDS! It’s our job to make sure you receive all the complimentary, invitations & bonuses to which your play entitles you. We work hard to make sure you get everything that you have earned! Calling the casino directly will not connect you to someone whose job it is to make sure you get absolutely everything you deserve! Calling AsiaCasinoJunket will!

5. Are my personal details kept safe and confidential with ACJ?

Yes, all the information and personal details entered on our site is treated with strict confidentiality. Contact our customer services team to update any changes on your personal details.



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